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When submitting an application for planning permission, the applicant may be required to complete specific ecological surveys in order to prove that the proposed development will not impact local biodiversity. Submission of a planning application with all of the relevant information will avoid delays in the application process.

In most cases, an ecological baseline survey report should be the first survey to be undertaken. A baseline survey report provides an initial assessment of any ecological interest of a site and can help to inform the layout of a development and identify the need for further specific species and habitat surveys.

A baseline survey report should also identify any potential opportunities to enhance local biodiversity or identify mitigation methods that may need to be undertaken in order for a proposed development to meet biodiversity requirements.


When should a baseline survey report be undertaken?


Ecological baseline survey reports should ideally be carried out between May to September as this time period is when most species are more active and vegetation can be recorded.

It may be necessary for an ecologist to visit the site more than once to identify the full range of species or habitats that are likely to be present. Ecological baseline survey reports should be carried out by experienced ecologists to gather the most accurate information.


What should a baseline survey report include?


The baseline survey report should cover the following points: 

·        Indicate the area on the site to be surveyed and assessed

·        The results of a desktop study to identify any ecological interests of the site

·        Any dates and visits of any surveying carried out

·        A description of the site, including all physical characteristics

·        Any present wildlife or habitats that are present

·        Any other features that need to be mapped, such as ponds and groups of trees

·        An assessment of whether the proposed development will have an effect on local biodiversity and whether any further surveys are required

·        Photographs should be included to assist with the understanding of the site 

How can our team assist?


Our team of ecologists and landscape architects have helped numerous clients over the years, including with environmental baseline survey reports in England. We are happy to offer guidance on ecology surveys and how we can help your development meet ecological requirements.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about baseline surveys or Biodiversity Net Gain requirements. If you would like to find out more about the services we provide, feel free to contact us using the details below.

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